Extensions, Renovations & Maintenance

Research shows that extensions can add between 10 and 50% to the value of a property.

Would you like to add or extend the living room?
Increase the number of bedrooms?
Add a garage?
Create extra storage space?
Extend sideways?


We have been building extensions for 10 years and guarantee high quality workmanship to meet your needs and complete your project.Our expertise extends beyond the completion of the structure and we have a number of skilled tradespeople who are able to complete all the internal elements of the project.


We have a subcontractual team of fully qualified trades' people whose expertise is recognised by the leading building federations and accredited bodies in the United Kingdom. By using only quality, fully qualified tradespeople and with our attention to detail and well organised worth ethics we are able to deliver cost effective works to the highest standards.

Should you wish to discuss your project with us we are happy to meet you on site to assess and review any special needs you may have with no obligation or cost involved at this stage.

Property Maintenance and Renovation can come in all sizes. Renovation work,Whether you're revamping your own home or redeveloping a property to sell on, it's likely the work you do will be subject to planning permission and building regulations. Befor any work is carried out it is advised that you consider any planning permission required. You will also need to consider any issues with party walls. It is Against the law to carry out any work on your property if the work doesnt comply with building regulations or you havn't received any relevant permissions. Projects can be stopped and developers forced to tear down renovations or extensions at their own expense if modifications haven’t received permissions.